3.4.1 What is the essence of the us versus them mentality?

Since everything the current society does is microcompetition , it is always wrong. And even if it is not to blame for something, we should do so anyway for motivational purposes.

3.4.2 For what do you feel injustice, hatred, anger?

Individuals feel it for child molesters, racists, murderers,... We try to feel it for those who teach children to accept a life of microcompetition through the values of freedom, happiness, equality, and tolerance.

Anyone who pursues pastimes whose direct or indirect intention is not NSG is an enemy.

3.4.3 How do individuals manifest the me versus you mentality?

Individuals compete against each other on every scale. Lovers quarrel only to make up again and stand united when they face a common problem. Athletes dedicate their lives to outperform other contestants only to shake hands with them afterwards, and then continue training to defeat them yet again. Citizens opposed to each other on political issues suddenly become allies when working for the same corporation, enemies again in their differing religious views, allies when their country goes to war... As a whole, they stand only for chaotic aimlessness.

They may feel strongly united in a common cause, yet they will always have different priorities, different family, friends, employment, pastimes, universities, religions, even material things to symbolize their status and rank among each other, such as cars, houses, jewelry, and clothes.

But as the world is constantly changing, priorities constantly shifting, they constantly compete with different people for different things. As individuals, they do not stand for anything, the only unchanging quality that they possess is that they are part of a large microcompetitive mass.

3.4.4 What makes the Borg different?

The fear of becoming individual, of losing one's identity. The desire to surpass individuals by doing the one thing that they cannot: to think and act as a perfect unit as a group of human beings.

3.4.5 What does friendship mean to the Borg?

Nothing. Friendship is a feeling based on partially overlapping interests. The Borg is a group of humans with 100% overlapping interests.

3.4.6 How are the strategic emotions of erotic love and romance applied by the Borg?

Romantic notions must symbolize the ideal of perfect collaboration toward NSG, the absence of distracting memes and activities, perfect understanding and perfect communication with one another, a shared hatred against the microcompetitive enemy.

The exclusiveness that romantic love implies is absolute and serves to separate only the Borg from individuals, but not the humans that comprise the Borg from each other.

3.4.7 How is the strategic emotion of jealousy applied by the Borg?

Jealousy must not be felt for inconsequential things such as someone else having sex with the person you love. It must be felt when someone with the potential to be the Borg pursues irrelvant interests and activities, for that implies supporting the enemy.

Someone willing to love someone without insisting to know how the person spends 24 hours each day has no sense of jealousy. Just as jealousy was instrumental in ensuring genetic purity in earlier times, it is essential for us to ensure memetic purity today.

3.4.8 What is humorous?

Anything that criticizes or ridicules individuals.

3.4.9 What is fun?

Effective teamwork to hurt the enemy, parasitic behavior, taking advantage of the enemy, encouraging the enemy to fight with itself, many things.

3.4.10 What would have to be different in order to invalidate level 3?

We would have to be a different type of intelligent being (non-human) whose genes and memes are of a different nature or composition.