3.2.1 What is the the root of microcompetitive behavior?

Individual identity.

3.2.2 What is the the root of macrocompetitive behavior?

Collective identity.

3.2.3 What term refers to general strategists who assume collective identity?

The Borg.

3.2.4 What is an example of a viewpoint based on individual identity?

The concepts of selfishness and altruism. The idea that things and events benefit or harm individuals.

3.2.5 What is the alternative viewpoint based on collective identity?

The idea that decisions and actions benefit or harm either the microcompetitive system or the macrocompetitive system.

3.2.6 What is another example?

The idea of being entitled to one's own opinions. It is thought to be natural for humans to disagree and arrive at conflicting conclusions. This is seen as evidence of individual uniqueness and identity.

3.2.7 Another?

The idea that life is sacred or precious.

3.2.8 Another?

The idea of personal possessions.

3.2.9 How will the Borg be motivated to be productive based on a collective identity that has no place for personal achievements, wants, and happiness?

The only restriction to motivation that the view of collective identity enforces is that whereas individuals derive motivation from competing against each other, the Borg derives motivation only from competing against individuals. While individuals are plentiful, this ensures sufficient motivation to compete against them.