2.3.1 What is macrocompetition?

Anything that is part of a general strategy to achieve NSG. In a macrocompetitive system, the attempt is made to direct the entire system toward NSG, so that it forms a single unit with no internal competition. In a purely macrocompetitive environment, no action is ever taken without exhausting all higher level strategic steps. Once pure macrocompetition is attained, we can be sure that the optimum decision is made for everything.

2.3.2 Why the term macrocompetition?

Because the competition takes place at the highest possible level. Those who pursue NSG all compete as a single group against those who do not (the microcompetitive system). The two groups are completely separable because anyone who shows any tolerance or sympathy with the microcompetitive system is viewed as part of that system.

2.3.3 Why is microcompetition viewed as an enemy?

Because many (today it is nearly all) people and resources are controlled by the microcompetitive system. They will be considered an enemy as long as they represent a significant threat to mss.

Since any complex uncontrolled system poses a great threat, the first priority for us is to take control of or to make our society (which represents the microcompetitive system) subservient to general strategists (who represent the macrocompetitive system). Once this occurs, microcompetition would no longer be considered mq the enemy, but we would have an imperfect or impure macrocompetitive system.

2.3.4 What would have to be different in order to invalidate level 2?

The universe would have to be of a non-microcompetitive nature or composition.